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@Roy_monroe @NEWSMAX Ukraine president did not sign the peace treaty which Putin called for.. there was a deadline which the Ukraine President ignored. Read the peace treaty. That's why It's a called one sided news.

@OXIagain @docsquiddy Find me one person in the UK that decided trans women aren't actually women as a result of Rowling. And you know darn well Putin didn't invade Ukraine because of her. He also justified his regime by quoting Jesus and MLK

@PatrickFrench @tavleen_singh He is one mam capable to emptying the accounts of all his friends. Pakistan is not happy with Ukraine. Both are competing to get dunda from the same targets.

@PatrickFrench @tavleen_singh Are you on drugs?. One MF fked his whole country and u pairising him? The day NATO backs off Wud be the day Ukraine as acounty ceases to exist.

The tragedy is simple to explain: Ukraine's population would have probably been double had it not been for the catastrophe of the 20th century and Russian rule. Double but vastly more diverse. Alas Ukraine will finally become a one ethnicity state after a thousand years...

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