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Mr. President Are you going to Ohio? Is the Border secure? Why do you blame Trump for all your Blunders? Why did you forget Afghanistan? Why did you give our weapons to the Taliban? Why are you giving our money to Ukraine? What are you doing about Fentanyl? Who's the BIG GUY? https://t.co/XBRhbt37wC

@BadertscherAndy @AtsumePlayer @atensnut Dictator joe just EOed right over the constitution today while the economy is crashing from his horrible policies. Bailing out billionaires with our money and finding nazis in Ukraine, but fuck Ohio.

@ForSwartz @AT_PDX_OR @RepMattGaetz Yeah you're right. I don't recall Biden going to Ukraine around the time of the still unfunded Ohio derailment and giving him 1/2 billion dollars. Then 2 weeks later sending Janet Yellen our sect. of treasury over with 2 billion more. that wasnt congress.

Trump/DeSantis will suffer in the GOP primary for dovish statements about Ukraine has JD Vance will lose in Ohio for same vibes. Foreign policy extremely low priority for voters and many aren’t on most hawkish end anyway.

The American Party Network has People in Ohio, In Ukraine, in the Border and Homeless Crisis dealing with and handing Everything Your Votes and Your Politicians Wont.

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