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⚠️Medvedev - Next is Odessa “Ukraine’s NATO application is nothing but Kiev’s request to hasten the start of World War 3.” "The Genocide of 9 million Russians was averted. Next up is Odessa, the Russian city with a large Russian population." - Dmitry Medvedev https://t.co/SdYGrvDyQE

@jason48918138 My idea: Get on the port city like Odessa or Mikolayev and build your port of entry in/out of goods from Europe and Ukraine. This way You benefit in Australia both ways and build a stable and long term relationship that isnt just charity.

Zhenka Voytovich, Vychevka, was discovered from death in Mariupol back in May and Alexander KALOV St. Lieutenant, commander of the airborne, Oct 1 near Kherson got in still, chill body to be buried in Odessa #Ukrainehttps://t.co/bJHElKjDZn

@hazler461 @DouglasPollitt @caitoz Im gonna remind you...Ukranian neo nazi over throw legitimate GOV in Ukraine in 2014,in the same year Ukranian neo nazi burn people ALIVE in ODESSA because they dont wanna be part of this. For the last 8 years Ukranian neo nazi killing own people

The headquarters of the Southern Operations Command of the Nationalists of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was destroyed in the center of Odessa https://t.co/sNXKTORrJr

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