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Iranian drones, cheap and plentiful, help Russia terrorize Ukraine's port of Odesa https://t.co/nqf5RUNcsJ

@FiatLuxGenesis There are nazis in the Government and the armed forces of Ukraine. They burned alive 50 people in the port of Odesa on the shores of the Black Sea.

@bestjoekim @alex_avoigt Are people even aware that Russia took nearly all of Ukraine's southern coast, threatening to make Ukraine a land-locked country? Before Ukraine counter-attacked at Kherson, Russia was removing mines in western Kherson to also take Odesa.

@stuffedcrusts42 @gamertime__ @Maximaentropia @JanusUA @elonmusk You are paid for the number of responses. Perhaps, finally, you at least remembered something from the real history of Ukraine, namely the fire in the House of Trade Unions in Kyiv during the events on the Maidan? Or you talking about the provocation arranged by Russia in Odesa?

@oznallidere @ray76_x @Vasilje_gr @Corben2727 @Cernovich @ZelenskyyUa @elonmusk russia will never stop invading into sovereign countries, I live in Odesa, it is the city on the South of Ukraine, the territory wich putin wants to make russian, will I just have to put up with it if the russian troup come here for example in 5 or 10 years? ONLY VICTORY🇺🇦

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