Obama Putin - Ukraine Tweets

@jvyxn @kdet33 @DineshDSouza @MeidasTouch @JoJoFromJerz Bullshit. Biden would have ignored the date and NATO is full of idiots. Trump knew that and don’t try to get Biden out of this. Under Obama, Putin invaded Crimea, under Trump nothing, under Biden, Putin invaded Ukraine

@AdamKinzinger We know that Putin went into Ukraine under Bush Putin went into Crimea under Obama Putin did not try that crap under Trump and of course he's doing what he's doing now under Biden where is the gap you ask the Gap is Donald Trump he didn't try that crap under Trump

@WalshFreedom Remember . Under Obama Putin invaded Crimea. Under Biden Putin invaded Ukraine. The only one smiling now is China.

@SimBreezay @ZaleskiLuke @Jim_Jordan Under Obama Putin went in and took over Crimea and stacked forces along Ukraine. Trump comes in they back off. N. Korea stopped their shit. China quit talking about taking over Taiwan and Iran quit pushing nuclear power. Biden comes into office and fucked it all up.

@e_considine @RoRi67 @BriannaWu Under Obama, Putin invaded Ukraine. During Trump's presidency, Putin was kept in check for 4 years. Then Biden comes in and Putin is at it again. Weak leaders like Biden embolden our enemies.

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