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@elonmusk @elonmusk this is my grandpa who survived 9/11 and was forcefully displaced by russian troops from Crimea, his house, he built by himself in @Novofedorivka Crimea Ukraine. He died right after since he could stand losing everything he was building during his life.

@carbon15lifer @ukraine_map Ukraine had one, the HRIM-2, it's one of the suspects in the what the hell blew up Novofedorivka line up. Was supposed to go into general production late 2021, so it fits.

@VolodimerM @Egaork @toJamesConnor @McFaul @POTUS Who told you that Ukraine does not have such weapons. Do you think that everything should get into the mass media? The Ukrainian military attacked the air base in Novofedorivka in the occupied Crimea with weapons produced in Ukraine.

#Ukraine: 13. A large fire is being reported at #Novofedorivka military airport in Crimea. Plus a smoke mushroom cloud has appeared over #Tokmak in the #Zaporizhzhia region. (UA forces and partisans very busy!) #tweet100

Something is again repotted to be on fire in the direction of Novofedorivka military airport in Crimea🤷‍♂️ #Ukraine #Crimea

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