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@DonaldJTrumpJr He'll have to prove it to me. Trump did have better rhetoric on Ukraine, but he sent weapons to Ukraine. Trump's rhetoric towards Iran, China, and even Mexico are being used to beat the war drums. Trump was mixed on North Korea, at first hawkish but then offering Kim a deal.

@mattklewis Our border is a sieve. There's talk about declaring war on the cartels, which I presume means the use of deadly force. China is threatening in Asia. Iran and North Korea will exploit a distracted America. And you want to provide unltd aid to Ukraine. Anything else?

“Why North Korea is denying its involvement in Russia’s war in Ukraine

@wilcorp70 @lang51b @ewarren @marchmatron I see North Korea, China, Iran is hooking up with Saudi Arabia. China and the rest of them seize the United States as weak, and we are. The war with Ukraine and Russia is depleting our armaments. Recruitment in the services are down because the youngsters don’t want to fight .

@ACTBrigitte We have one his name is Joe Biden. I know that you're referring to Trump but Trump is actually anti-america. He's so anti-america he called Russia's invasion of Ukraine genius and he wanted America to be like North Korea

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