NordStream - Ukraine Tweets

@GreenLatinos Just imagine the carbon footprint of the COP conflabs and parties, the thousands of 'go green' private jet hours, the Ukraine conflict, the massive Nordstream LNG pipeline release? Good environmental stewardship is required! But it isn't happening.

@zerohedge Oh please, what a pile of manufactured political nonsense. Biden and Obama were the cheerleaders for the fracking boom and the Ukraine wars main goal was to boost LNG tanker gas exports to Europe (see Nordstream). Their posturing is just for the rubes, isn’t that obvious?

@MPIainDS @JudithCummins NATO expansion to Russia doorstep. USA's string of DOD funded bio lab's in Ukraine. NATO desire to destroy Putin and put in a leader complacent to western interests. The west is the greatest threat to Russia and not the other way around Thanks for helping to blown up Nordstream

@MaxBlumenthal @jimmy_dore "These are economic wars. In Ukraine it's about liquified natural gas and making sure Germany and Russia never come together because we are afraid of Russia's natural resources and labor combined with German technology. That's why we blew up the NordStream pipeline." Bingo.

230K Ukrainian soldiers are dead, 14.3 Million people fled Ukraine as of 0ct 2022 the Minions of the US deserve the worst. especially the UK regime that sabotages #Nordstream and forced Zelensky to give up peace deal but engage bloody fight as a US proxy

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