NordStream - Ukraine Tweets

@apmassaro3 USA clearly told Germany no on Nordstream .The USA even placed santions on this. Pres Biden lifted the sanctions as soon as he took office.USA is also complicit in this russian aggression. Now is the time to correct past mistakes. Send Ukraine everything needed to defeat Russia .

@Flash_news_ua Why is this total idiot still in power? Together with DDR-agent Angela 'Die Sau' Merkel he is responsible for blocking NATO membership for Ukraine AND starting NordStream, which resulted in the mess Europe is in now. Run him out of town in tar and feathers on a donkey!

@gwestr I think the destruction of Nordstream pales into insignificance compared to the destruction of Ukraine cities and the wanton slaughter of civilians by the Russian Army in Europe.

@autumngales @EcologyWA 90 Billion to Ukraine and democrats block an audit but WA residents, mostly the poor and middle class will suffer from increased taxes for 'climate change' meanwhile nobody in WA asks about the environmental impact of Nordstream pipelines being blown up by USA and Britain

@lindyli Trump sent weapons to Ukraine, weapons the president before him didn't as it would be too controversial. He also was very polemic about Nordstream. The myth about Trump being accommodating needs to stop.

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