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@antiputler_news 🙏🕯️🕯️🕯️🫡Heroes of a Noble cause, from above will smile with the victory of Ukraine! May God Bless them and their families🕯️🇺🇸🇺🇦🙏

@mirandabencomo @Beardpick @thesiriusreport Yes let's defeat them and blow up the planet. We can all lose together. That seems to be the mentality. Let's all die for Ukraine. At least we can say the human species lived a few million years before killing itself. I guess it's more Noble than getting taken out by a comet.

Putins 3-day op in #Ukraine️ now exceeds 11 mths. Gen Mark Milley estimates 200,000 are dead/ injured on both sides. A waste Russians are scared to ask for true numbers as it is kept a state secret. Russians leave their troops to rot. Ukrainians retrieve them. A Noble act.

@MarioNawfal Listen, President Vladimir Putin was not supposed to still be in Ukraine according to the ambassadors. The predicted an early defeat, a spanking and send the Russians home. President Putin said, “What I’m doing in Ukraine is Noble.” He called them Neo Nazis & drug addicts😳😳

@CheburekiMan SMO is an intervention to bring an end to the 8 year war on Donbass by Kiev . Western govts media and think tanks press Kiev to keep fighting to last Ukrainian. It sounds Noble until you realise the havoc being wrecked on Ukraine

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