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A lot can change in just six months. Russia invaded Ukraine. The latest season of "Stranger Things" dropped on Netflix. And the housing market, which received a turbo boost from the COVID-19 pandemic, has begun to shift. Surging mor

@lesnik_joker Ok I just reactivated my Netflix subscription so I can keep up with the cool kids in Ukraine! Also was waiting for the 2nd half to come out... and it's on a 3 day weekend too! 🥳

Today’s @Commentary podcast ranges unusually from the coming release of the last hours of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things—and its welcome embrace of anti-Communism—to the expansion of NATO in the wake of the war in Ukraine. Tune in ▸ #Ukraine

Is the Ukrainian "war" the newest top ranking TV miniseries!? More guest appearances than a Netflix award wining show!!! Who's doing a cameo next week??? DeNiro? Beyonce? Clooney? #UkraineWar #ukraine

@RyuSoundworks I usually get mostly game dev stuff (art/audio/production), music, Twitch, some science and world news, and the occasional ad or promoted tweet about Netflix. But recently it's been spamming me with politics, human rights issues, war in Ukraine, and Wendy's ads 🤷‍♂️

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