Nazis - Ukraine Tweets

@ggreenwald The most willfully bad-faith simplification that is unfortunately quite predictable from the same guy who thinks Ukraine is just a bunch of nazis who are getting what they deserve. Save this 8th grade reasoning for Tucker Carlson.

#DNR - people of #Donbass are fighting for their freedom to be independent from Nazis #Ukraine because Ukrainian Nazis had been exterminating people of Donbas for 8 years since 2014 because they are ethnic Russian people who live in #Donbas and who proclaimed independence in 2014

@nasescobar316 @ADOScentraltx USA has given billions to Ukraine Nazis who are LOSING the war

@AngryOozaru That’s a top Ukrainian diplomat, this week,claiming that a nazi leader that killed 800,000 Jews and Poles was a hero. And insinuating that Jews lied about the extent of the holocaust. Israel had to force Ukraine to discipline him, which they reluctantly did. They are all Nazis.

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