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@GoranStanojkov1 @Mykhailova_A @AgnesCallamard @amnesty It's RuSSia not Nato coming in Ukraine. You can kick out only that who is in We see Russia communist nazis are in Ukraine Do you have other proof or just your broken imagination? There's no negotiations since regions are occupied What you expect? Peace by losing territory- Crime

@GeoffYoung4KY @RepAndyBarr Your a disgrace to your country. Russia are the true Nazis and the world needs to help defend Ukraine. You sound like a Kremlin mouthpiece giving fuel to American enemies. Absolutely shocking and very sad to see this inane dribble

@feels20viet @nreal182 @JetsenSunday @Karimjsmlchr By what? Having Nazis? NATO rejected Ukraine. So it’s just the Nazis then? You could justify invading any country that way

@ObadehSyouf @POTUS We're sending hundreds of billions to Ukraine so their nazis can bomb Ukraine citizens that try to escape war.

@00argonaut00 @GKMendenhall @jacobkornbluh The neo nazis have infiltrated the government. They gave the guy that helped hitler their highest honor. The ultra popular extremist Ukraine woman hosted an event and trsined the guy that went on to be connected to both Charlottesville AND Patriot Front. Stop downplaying this

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