Nazis - Ukraine Tweets

@DVATW @NATO will start WW3 And NATO expansion is the reason Russia attacked Ukraine (and the leaders are Nazis).

@screwtwatters @maria_drutska @asnordvik @DVATW Screaming NATO, nazi's and satanists is cover for russia's imperialist plans for #Ukraine. Join the russian warship and go fuck yourselves

🇷🇺🇺🇦 A captured Bandera Militant. He deserved worse then couple of slaps. NO NAZIS IN UKRAINE THEY SAY. #Russia #Ukraine

@FrontBottom2 @QprEver @BorisJohnson I have to agree with this lefty and boris is a turd and Ukraine is full of nazis 🤮

😡Congratulations !!! You are the MAIN IDIOT - who is not only a Jew by his mother, but also by his father ... Did you say your family survived the holocaust and genocide? . You - SON - GRANDSON OF JEWS - help the Nazis from Ukraine.

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