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@EagleBannana @CheGuevara_1961 @RussianEmbassy @mfa_russia @RusEmbassyJ @KremlinRussia_E @RusEmbUSA @BBCWorld @SkyNews @ForeignAffairs @spectator @ftworldnews @guardianworld „Looks like“/„seems“- Those are impressions. I prefer to hold on the facts. Those are: Russia is the aggressor and invaded Ukraine. Russia commits war crimes in almost a WW2 scale. Russia intends to wipe out Ukraine, just as the Nazis did. - There is nothing more to say.

@sviiitanok @merinnordwald @AlexKokcharov The problem is you don't know shit. Imagine your neighbor being your alley, (I can't spell that word, not my first language) and then he betrays you with your enemy. You beat them both, your neighbor comes back for more. That's how Ukraine is. They sided with the Nazis

As if Ukraine has gone anti semite, a land of neo nazis.. history repeating itself

@SolidSteel6 @lauferlaw @esaagar @elonmusk You just repeated the anti-Semitic "Ukraine is being led by a Jewish Nazi" smear so I don't need to guess: you definitely are the type who would tell Jews fleeing Nazis to go somewhere else.

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