Nazis - Ukraine Tweets

@DWatimoni @Nizirs @baronichitas Ukraine successfully smashes the Russian crap army of the Nazis and we will finally return the Crimea and Donbass home. There, people were waiting for liberation from the fascist occupation for 8 years. Good will win, Nazism will be defeated, justice will prevail!

@POTUS You won't do sht about the epidemic of gun violence, the way you don't do sht about anything else except funnel the national treasury to Ukrainian Nazis to smuggle out of Ukraine in suitcases #MostIncompetentRepublicanPresidentEVER

@RubenCouso @EgyptianEgle24 @Angelo4justice3 Who are that nazis you are talking about? Who are they? We? What russia did with all that nazis in Ukraine? Where are they? Why they dont talk about them? Where is evidence? Nowehere. But we are brainwashed. Sure.

@davidalangrier These are Nazis posing as Patriots. The same group fighting Ukraine. They are here in hopes of being the catalyst to a civil war.

@JeremyMcilvride @NewshubNZ Ukraine will end up a hot hole in Europe 😆 Full of dead Nazis and probably as of next year belong to Russia. That's if the US, UK, and many others keep sending arms instead of growing balls. Considering US president don't have any balls....bye bye Ukraine.

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