Narratives - Ukraine Tweets

@squatsons Narratives spewed by the Zs be changing more than the Kharkiv frontline during Ukraine’s counteroffensive lmao

@sophielouisecc If the Green Leftists were opposed to the 5 Great Globalist Narratives -- Covid, Ukraine, Trans, CRT, and Climate -- then I might respect them. But since they actually support those Narratives, I see them as Useful Idiots of the Globalists.

@ramzpaul Leftists slavishly follow the Mainstream, and the Mainstream has deployed various Narratives -- Ukraine, Trans, LGBTQ+, Anti-White Racism, Climate, Covid, etc. -- as components of a broader, deeper strategy to undermine the West and replace it with a totalitarian system.

🚩And the "expletive" is STILL pushing the Narratives for a "CIA-MI5-SBU" coordinated "FALSE FLAG Nuclear Event" in Ukraine to blame on Russia! 🚩 Maybe they have provided the puppet zelensky regime with an actual Tactical Nuke...

@Flamefamm @iryna43249047 @madmac1446 @HassanTalaat17 @ZelenskyyUa @GiorgiaMeloni Did I ever say that Putin would NOT exploit certain Narratives for the sake of Propaganda ? Of course he DOES. EXACTLY like that the US, West and Ukraine ALSO corrupt truth. Yet for whatever bizarre reason some foolish or dishonest people still beLIEve that wouldn't be the Case.

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