NBC - Ukraine Tweets

@sam_marsh00 @ScottAdamsSays He could use a tactical nuke, but if he did his forces would have to be equipped and wear full NBC gear or be badly effected longterm too. I see a shortage of tyres on the Russian side let alone masks, suits and air filters. And a nuke won't stop Ukraine.

@OmarRiverosays @OccupyDemocrats @elonmusk I bet you support Ukraine too. You do know Ukraine has a Nzi white supremacy problem. Research the NBC report.

What am I seeing on NBC nightly news? Looks like a dildo in Ukraine. Hmmm. https://t.co/5qJaGhZszf

#LULZ #NBC showed a #dildo on tonight's live broadcast when talking about #Russia #Ukraine war... review the pics before posting, idiots. #infosec #opsec https://t.co/bexzIttRVF

Interesting “WMD” highlighted in a tragic story about Russians in Ukraine on #NBC tonight. #NBCNews #toys #weaponsofmassdestruction

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