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@tashecon Muscovy itself sees the 1998 default as Not Its Fault. Then, "The West" took advantage of its "weakness" to stop Ruschia & its client state ethnically cleansing Kosovo & Metoija of Kosovar Albanians. Six NATO bases in Kosovo to this day. Let there be 20 NATO bases in Ukraine.

2... furious about people like you justifying Russian Wagner nazi's comiting genocide... Yes there have been mistakes in Ukraine and yes NATO and EU played a dirty role, but Putin and his propaganda played the most dirty role instigating this raping killing , deportation's etc..

@EmmanuelMacron More war = 200 soldiers killed/day; loss of territory; destroyed infrastructure; devastated economy; division between NATO and EU countries; Hyperinflation; Economic, Food and Fuel Crisis: Growing Extreme Right/Republicans. Right now, what Ukraine and the world need is peace

Ignorant??? I lived and worked in Russian and I have employees killed in Ukraine...In fact up to few years ago I supported Russia rather than NATO, until I have seen in Russia the corruption and propaganda... Losing employees in Ukraine who never harmed anyone makes me 1/2

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