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@UncleVesBurn2 @Ukraine @NATO @POTUS To even suggest that anyone but Putin wanted this war is insane. It's common knowledge he wanted to expand Russia's borders. He even admitted it on Video back in June. You have not provided a single shred of evidence to back up anything you said. no one will ever believe you.

@DanWatters3 @Geoff_Melnick @cvneuves @Trollstoy88 So no nato membership (and no foreign troops), but security guarantees for Ukraine. Some territorial concessions in the east (along the lines of today's frontline more or less) and guarantees for the rights of Russians in Ukraine elsewhere and Ukrainians in (then) Russia.

@davidfrum Russia wanted to help Ukraine push for prosperity then the US came in and meddled in their government creating nationalist hate and civil war. Meanwhile pushing NATO closer to Russian borders. If Trump were president now. Ukraine would be a safe country. Now we pay to destroy it

@wyziwig Remember Ukraine is not a NATO country , also Zelensky regime & his Predecessor had been bombing and chilling Donbass the east of Ukraine for the last eight years massacring People For speaking Russian

@Hhummannn @robertf89034647 @madly_yours @derykhouston @vonderleyen @ZelenskyyUa @EU_Commission It's OK, you don't need to get all angry, my friend. I understand,,its fuckin embarrassing, when your OWN country is guilty of war crimes. My own, UK, is no different. NATO, went to war on a lie. Probably twice. But, like I said, Russia is not innocent, but NEITHER is Ukraine.

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