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Friends independent Journalist based in Germany & Austria are reporting Massive protest occurred in both countries March11 2023 against @NATO @SecDef @JoeBiden @DeptofDefense involvement In Ukraine Many protestors they spoke to say #USA wants a nuclear war with #Russia

@visegrad24 No, he said that if Russia gets its way in Ukraine, that the rest of eastern Europe is next; note that Lavrov & Peskov have both made comments to that regard, we are not "making it up". The "next" list includes several NATO nations w/American military bases, which is a problem.

@AZgeopolitics But russian TV reports that there is a war with NATO in Ukraine 😅🤣😆

@LindseyGrahamSC Fact, Russia was promised that NATO would not expand, they did, a lot Fact, We bombed the pipeline and everyone knows it Fact, They were about to have a peace agreement until the west got involved and stopped it Fact, it's still not our war Fact, Ukraine is not a democracy

@Kev_Bow @Global_Mil_Info @AircraftSpots It's not escalation for NATO to respond with Standoff Weapons against russian invaders IN Ukraine.

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