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@ChristopherJM I was under the impression Ru was 2nd best military on the planet and Ukraine wouldn't last a few weeks. UAF must be doing something right. NATO and Europe are reluctantly getting involved because they didn't actually expect Putin to do such a stupid thing as to invade.

@HiddenFromEwe @sekrah @iivoltage1 @JustinRozell @TJQuinnESPN Bc rn putin feels since Ukraine isn’t in nato that we aren’t gonna go to war with them BUT if he goes to war with neighboring nato countries which he will if he takes Ukraine then that becomes very much real

Russia invading Ukraine was THE key driving force behind Sweden and Finland joining NATO. HMG has sweet f all to do with it as it requires unanimous agreement. Thank Erdoğan for dropping his veto if you must, but Johnson had nothing to do with it.

@ShakurStevenson The Ukraine invasion wouldn't have happened under Trump. As much as I dislike him, he didn't have the same attitude of the Establishment Politicians that America is the World's Police and he wouldn't have entertained that BS of Ukraine joining NATO

@xpflyr @NycsonaPryanka Catching a fish is much easier than holding it. He will have to spend so much resources there to hold it. Same thing happened in Afghanistan when Russia occupied it. Also, expansion of Iron Curtain and old USSR will pave the road for Ukraine’s membership in NATO.

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