NATO - Ukraine Tweets

Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO countries have decided to reduce their dependence on China The conflict in Ukraine "should lead to a reassessment of NATO's dependence on authoritarian regimes"

@Kasparov63 NATO and the US pushed Ukraine into a war with Russia then backed the f*ck up. Russia has probably used 15% of its military capabilities and is winning the war. Ukraine are being brought down by the madman that is Zelensky. He should be in a mental institution.

@BloombergTV @mariatadNATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg discusses the alliance's efforts to aid Ukraine,..” Support isn’t going to cut it. You either get on the ground or start talking about resolution.

@Ireland4Ukraine I think long term NATO is unfortunately comfortable if Ukraine loses the Donbass in a settlement if it means ending the conflict sooner, so that’s probably why you don’t see them sending in the cavalry.

@maria_drutska Medvedev keep saying that for every weapons NATO supplies Ukraine

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