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@HipernovaStar @Brieuc61261519 @SergKorsakov @Space_Station @roscosmos Every russian will die if that’s what it takes to stop this attack on sovereign Ukraine. Including you if you’re in Moscow.

@Rssli3 The snivelling rat man should try a Ukraine flag t shirt in Moscow first. Or even a blank t shirt 😂😂

Ukraine says Russian missiles hit a shopping mall, as G-7 leaders pledged to aid Kyiv and pressure Moscow

@Rog__Les @GlennBBC @BorisJohnson @NicolaSturgeon According to who? So Scotland can just be held hostage in an abusive relationship can it? No, that’s not the way anything works. If Putin makes a law in Moscow saying he owns Ukraine that’s just fine is it? Don’t think so.

@benhabib6 @LanceForman @june_mummery @MrHarryCole Ukraine probably got less money from Moscow when it was in the Soviet block, than it's now getting from British taxpayers 🤔🙄 Commieservatives

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