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@OxProphect @Standard_Idiot @ArtemisSouls @ng_ukraine @elonmusk On top of that russia couldn't even establish air superiority to a country that barely has airplanes💀 russia got stopped by javelins alone the first week of the invasion Ukraine is taking land back and russia is worried that Ukraine will strike Moscow and enter belhorod

@DavidSacks We knew it was dangerous when it was being manipulated by Moscow to sow disinformation & dissention in the U.S. & Europe for the express purpose of allowing Putin & allies a free hand to commit war crimes in Syria and Ukraine. Maybe you should look beyond your bubble.

The push for Ukraine to capitulate to Russia "for peace" is a coordinated effort to help Moscow and undermine Ukraine. The only peace for Ukraine is a Just Peace. And a Just Peace is total Ukrainian Victory AND Russian Defeat. #VictoryForUkraineForPeace #DefeatRussiaForPeace

A MUST READ on inhumane "..purging the occupied territories of residents insufficiently loyal to Moscow." Inside Russia’s “Filtration Camps” in Eastern Ukraine via @NewYorker @elonmusk #mpol385 #190tech #polres399

@elonmusk Think of Ukraine as Texas. Do you really think these bad asses are going to EVER stop? The only thing keeping them out of Moscow are the NATO weapons. If that stops you will have Ukraine unleashed. You have been in Palo Alto too long.

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