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@ClintEhrlich You. are. not. to. be. trusted. I expect that after russia’s failure in Ukraine that you’ll move to moscow and try to start up some department of propaganda related phrenology @mgimo university.

🇷🇺 Christian Conservative support slaughtering their own for a more perfect #Russia #GloryToUkraine and Ukraine should invade @Moscow... @RussianMemesLtd Check out BKGuyYouKnow's video! #TikTok

➡ The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Rafael Grossi to visit Kyiv and Moscow this week to discuss safety surrounding nuclear power plants in Ukraine

@elonmusk You know it won’t be one sided. Ukraine has the means and material (waste from multiple nuclear reactors) for its “dirty missiles” and/or hand carried devices. Prevailing winds will make Moscow region uninhabitable for 60 years. Do you think Putin is that foooish?

What negotiations? "Please stop invading Ukraine and trying to steal their land like you did in Georgia and Moldova and in return Ukraine will forever be a willing slave of Moscow"

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