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FIBA World Ranking - Women As of February 28, 2023 Top 40 - 3/4 21. 🇲🇪 Montenegro 22. 🇸🇰 Slovakia 23. 🇨🇿 Czech Republic 24. 🇭🇺 Hungary 25. 🇱🇻 Latvia 26. 🇺🇦 Ukraine 27. 🇲🇱 Mali 28. 🇭🇷 Croatia 29. 🇳🇿 New Zealand 30. 🇦🇷 Argentina 🏀#Basketball

Did,… Paula and the LARP’ers check with the Montenegro southerby’s so that Ukraine can build back better, before blowing that ghetto up? Yes.

@anz_arts I'm not in Ukraine now, I'm with my brother in Montenegro, but my dad and stepmother, other brothers, grandmothers are there. It's much worse than if I were there. But my brothers won't let me go to Ukraine yet.

@____7221 @visegrad24 Many world politicians such as A. Merkel, G. Schroeder, S. Berlusconi, M. Le Pen and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban are on Putin's pay list. If Ukraine falls, Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro will be next and Russia's exit to the warm sea.

@the_Lawrenz -Ukraine - Worst country itw -Russia -Scandinavian countries -India -Poland -Montenegro -Some parts of Italy are extremely racist -Most countries in Eastern Europe are racist. - North Korea Meanwhile, Portugal is one of the least racist countries in Europe.

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