Montana - Ukraine Tweets

-Ukraine's Zelensky advances petition to rename entirety of Russia 'Moscow.' - -Montana Wants to Ban Vaccinated from Donating Blood -

@crappypappy @BarbVan1952 @PatrickByrne Ukraine is bleeding us dry; we’re printing unparalleled amounts of money; every military in the West is undermanned and demoralized; and a goddamn balloon flew through my backyard and over the nuclear sites in Montana. If you think we’re doing good, you’re delusional.

Biden budget, Biden plan 1. Send more money to Ukraine 2. Make citizens pay for it 3. Let more ilegal immigrants in for future votes 4. Keep lying Regards, Joe Vote democrats out. #montana

I guess all those vaccines and boosters are not so effective are they @GavinNewsom ? Off to Montana again? Venezuela? Ukraine?

@JamesLLandis That is really the sad effectiveness of Russian propaganda. Random 45 year old Kyles and Sarahs from Montana going into an actual (!) ragefit when they hear anything about Ukraine.

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