Mongolia - Ukraine Tweets

@DasRgen @JP1958S @91JPO America already bought all of these weapons from Mongolia and gave them to Ukraine. Mongolia is selling 3D-printed plastic copies to Russia, who won't be able to tell the difference because they are all stupid.

@bob19691971 @runews Mongolia once conquered Kiev, Ukraine in the 1240's. It's a historical documented truth. If anything most of asia and parts of europe should all belong to the Mongolian empire.

Seriously, can someone please provide solid strategic reasons why it's in the security interest of the US to be arming the Ukraine. And don't tell me Putin is evil? No shit we know that one but so is Kim Jung Un and the CCP but you don't see us sending tanks to Mongolia.

@DasRgen America will deliver 1000 units M1A to make it a fair match. Let the battle begin. Mongolia vs Ukraine!

@Gerashchenko_en When he says “historical territories” it makes me nauseous. How many different cultures could make that patently ridiculous claim on southern Ukraine? Maybe Mongolia should exert their claim to “historical territories” in Russia. He’s the absolute worst POS in a long time

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