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@TeamSuper_TT @RealWajiMofor @CNStudioo @MeruemShu @Bruno891046401 @uamemesforces @elonmusk @RenataKonkoly Well you shouldn’t be celebrating too fast in my opinion, Russia started with 200k since then it basically fought with it and now it’s adding 300k. With 200k only Ukraine is on it’s 7th or 8th wave of Mobilization, it’s not going to be easy, take as much territory as you can now

@RWApodcast @mdfzeh MobiliZation is not going to help Russia. Would be best to pull out of Ukraine and call it a day. And try to negotiate so that Russia does not have to give up too much of it’s land. I have heard of demands of 100-300 km buffer zone, either demilitarized or Ukraine/UN contrl.

@mrsorokaa "Where are their anti war protests? Their posts condemning the war? Anything? Exactly." Majority of Russia supported the actions of the Ru military in Ukraine. Many even called for Mobilization. Your post is nonsense.

TRANSLATION : Dear friends, on 7.10 together with the charity fund "Mobilization of Good" WinBoss Odessa will hold an open collection in favor of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. All collected funds wi Source : Media link :

@mandy_autodomme @GeromanAT Alright, Zelensky is a military genius, he really fooled those Russians... Now Putin annexed southern Ukraine, Ukrainian Troops are pretty much out of steam, Mobilization is ongoing, and the winter is coming. So twitter on...

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