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@DavidNi61157349 @TracyWa78260923 @welshgoldigger @BorisJohnson @WelshGovernment @PrifWeinidog No. It's none of our business . Ukraine is even more corrupt and evil than Russia , so why would we help them ? They should have upheld the Minsk agreements.

@ZelenskyyUa @POTUS Why did you pass a law banning Russian speaking in eastern Ukraine? It was Stalin who drew the Ukrainian-Russian border, arbitrarily. Eastern Ukraine has always voted pro-Russian, It is the Ukrainians in the east who are asking Putin for help. Why the Minsk agreements were not

@Jennife23194039 @nicacordover @Melbourne_says I also wondered that but it seems it's already happening. Ukraine should have signed Minsk and gone neutral. Good chance that would have been the end of it. Russia couldn't hold all of Ukraine and wouldn't want to as there wouldn't be the buffer anymore.

@DmitriTrenin His special operation accomplishes what Minsk agreements would've accomplished if Ukraine had abided by it. Key points in SMO order are found in Minsk treaties. They're just now about to control the Donbass. With Ukraine now using long-range artillery, buffer will be needed.

@RussellGanesh @KyivIndependent Nobody wanted the Minsk agreements. 8% in occupied Donbas, 20% in the rest of Ukraine.

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