Minnesota - Ukraine Tweets

I heard today that some Republican Leaders said that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is only a border Territorial conflict between two countries. States like Minnesota, New York, beware Of Territorial conflict. with Canada

@StarTribune Mail in Voting and Ballot Harvesting was Illegal in Minnesota and several states in 2020. Covid was for the Ukraine war -- it's obvious why they cheated election 2020.

@RobertLongo4 @KanekoaTheGreat And most were released without bail with the help of kamala's Minnesota freedom fund. Take your Ukraine flag and suck it

*logs on twitter* >this war is fake because they repaired a building >a tree fell over in Minnesota and that’s Ukraine’s fault >my wife left me and that’s why we should defund Ukraine >invading Mexico is more important than helping Ukraine *logs off twitter*

@MooseAlfred I'm from Minnesota and even liberals I talk to don't want to fund Ukraine

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