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@parks_mungo @TheNetscape @Muttley76 @zdesaz @Podolyak_M Merkel is another case. I would blame Merkel for doing business with Putin when she knew that business = politics in Russia. She knew Putin's intentions about Ukraine. I would blame Merkel. The same as I'm blaming Biden now. For cheating on Ukraine and making deals with Putin.

@CruelEert @zemantomas @JaroNad @UKRinSR @SlovakiaMFA @oleksiireznikov @DefenceU @Slovakia_NATO Who cares for any "meaningful discussion" when KGB-run, Stasi-infested German Govt self-destructed their own Army; from Kohl to Merkel, culminating in Scholz shame-fully REFUSING arms to Ukraine, then giving everybody the run-around! Where are the tanks, Germany? Start now!!

@Kommunistkevin @fra01835536 @BenCourts1 @AZgeopolitics I am sorry, you are moving the goalposts: the tweet you linked to says "Merkel was a strong advocate of the Minsk agreements, which Ukraine admittedly abused to buy time for NATO to train its army." This is false, given that the UK army was not trained in NATO equipment.

@MBielieskov As Merkel put it: Ukraine could defend itself neither in 08 nor in 14 so we had to buy time. Today, Ukraine can defend itself and gets support.

Ukraine war: Merkel says she lacked power to influence Putin - BBC News

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