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@notabanderite @AlanNummy @wartranslated I think it was Melitopol that Ukraine wanted to attack first. Then it was simulated and failed.

This was left next to apartment building. In Melitopol. People of #Zaporozjie live there and have a right to live in safety away from #Ukraine attacks

What stopped Russians repairing the dam & bridges was Ukraine fire control over them … if RF forces are in withdrawal, will they be able to do the same? Ukraine’s accuracy has been a point of differentiation. Maybe thats what the Convoy from Melitopol is intended to achieve…

#Ukraine: 2. Last night a Russian barracks or base was hit at the village of #Ingulets, NE of #Kherson city. A Russian convoy of Grad missile systems, self-propelled artillery & logistics is reported on its way from #Melitopol - but thereby leaving that flank exposed. #tweet100

@ARTESOSCURASBOO Nobody wants to live under Russian genocide. Melitopol is Ukraine and she will be freed.

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