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Using some logic & NO sense of military strategy, if I was Ukraine, I'd push for a major offensive towards Melitopol to make a corridor to that body of water to the south. That will cut off the land bridge to Crimea and I suspect that result would really "Freak Out" the Russians.

#Melitopol - 🇷🇺 occupants administrative building - we added a bit fun - hope Russians know what ЗСУ means - Armed Forces of Ukraine ;-) 🔦

@HansPuttenstein @Gerashchenko_en @TheKremlinYap Yeah, no genocide in Ukraine. Hordes of 🇷🇺🐷 move to Crimea in March 2013. Unrest starts. 🇷🇺🐷 in Donbas, dead people 🇷🇺🐷 in Kherson, dead people 🇷🇺🐷 in Melitopol, dead people 🇷🇺🐷 in Bucha, dead people 🇷🇺🐷 somewhere, dead people No 🇷🇺🐷, no dead people So strange, right?

JUST IN: #BNNRussia Reports. Ukraine's attack on a railway bridge in Melitopol district killed at least four people and injured five more, said the region’s acting governor, Yevgeny Balitsky. #RussiaUkraineWar #Russia #war

the Armed Forces of #Ukraine has transferred a large number of fresh forces to the site and intends to keep the city at any cost. ▪️North of Melitopol, the enemy launched a missile attack on the 7/

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