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Fools are already brainwashed galvanized and ready to serve interests of elite. So .. warning on media. Media is lying #Ukraine #Zelensky

@TalkTV Did Chamberlain ever invite Hitler into Downing Street. It is so sad to see that we have almost blanket Media propaganda sanitising the corrupt butcher Zelensky. Goebbels would be proud. Still the Tories get to continue the mass embezzlement of our taxes, all laundered in Ukraine

They definitely were stolen as he huge involvement in Ukraine. They planned to cover up that Hot Mess. Thanks to the Media that exposed the ongoing corruption.

#Zelensky #RishiSunak can one of Media please please ask, “What preparations are being made for a increasing possibility nuclear war in Europe?”. Russia is a Nuclear super power versus Ukraine - Putin WILL use them !! @BBCNews @SkyNews @CNN @AFP @Reuters @AJEnglish @FoxNews

Media is skipping a lot of facts how Biden provoked the #UkraineRussiaWar and how the US is destroying its own defense capacity supplying the Ukraine. Russia's economy has barely been harmed

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