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@jonathanvswan @maggieNYT Because McConnell, evil as he is, knows if it’s over for Ukraine it’s over for all of us. And no, I’m not gonna explain what everyone should know by the 8th grade and if you don’t, educate yourself, that’s what the tubes are really for ffs.

@glennbeck @NineNewsNancy @GovRonDeSantis He’s in support of Ukraine. We have the receipts. He’s also in favor of amnesty. Everything else he says is just parroting President Trump. The man Ron discarded and replaced with McConnell and the Bush mafia. No for me.

@baseballcrank It’s a fair point, given your own position on Ukraine. You can write, “DeSantis, like Trump, is profoundly wrong about Ukraine. Biden and McConnell are right. Nevertheless, I support him anyway; he’s the best option for Republicans.” But you can’t ignore his views.

@Nichola26205450 @BohonHarris @davidmweissman @laurenboebert You are the fool. If you think McConnell has done anything for you but rape and pillage this country his entire life! He is fat and rich in Washington DC while you are working your butt off to support Ukraine? Does that make any sense?

@johnhei65238191 @WinterMaryland1 @catturd2 How's it phony? This also isn't the President's decision either, it's Congressional. McConnell is pro-Ukraine & the economy will only get worse the longer this goes on. Also, uh, how ya gonna fight China, a nuclear weapon state with the world's largest population?

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