Massacre - Ukraine Tweets

Massacre is on @CNN now and has new drone footage evidence: Ukraine probes videos which Russia claims depict its prisoners being executed (via @thejournal_ie)

Joe Biden is the one who needs to be looked into Joe Biden has just let Putin Kill millions of Woman and Children And Men Father's Mother's In Ukraine Biden allowed this to happen Biden and Putin are in this Massacre Together

@EngPL_LT Katyn Massacre, yes the same Massacre that was done by the Nazis against the Polish and dumped the bodies in Ukraine, silencing the Ukrainians into complacency about the German crimes.

Kyiv rocked by explosions a week after Russian strikes across Ukraine. Innocent women, men and children are being killed by Russia. Something needs to be done to stop all these Massacre by Putin.

"Another Busy Morning for Russian Missiles Over Ukraine" and "Massacre in Kupyansk: Nazi Propagandist Failed to Whitewash Ukraine" (South Front).

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