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I translate from the intro: "Russian citizens still cannot understand what are the final goals of the special operation. At first we planned denazification and demilitarization of all of Ukraine. Then we left from outside Kyiv. Then we let go the fighters from Mariupol, and.. 2/4

@TiroonZ Wow putin has officially killed more people than #Bandera to quote: "Stepan Bandera was responsible for the death of over 100,000 Poles and other groups." over 87k #russians, #Ukraine troops, #Mariupol residents, #Syrian's, #Chechn's and more. #putin IS a #naZi cZar

@natashasrussia She is in Mariupol as part of a Kremlin-sponsored project. And to think she solicited donations from gullible people thinking she was genuinely pro-Ukraine and anti-Putin. Look up who is and the party:

@anonwtf9999 @najemsworb @nexta_tv you guys really think UA will ever retake Mariupol? as much as I am pro-Ukraine they cannot even hold their territory in the Donbas, Russia has infinite manpower and the country has a terrorist population

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