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@Honza734 @lahvon @ronzheimer @BILD Unable to translate. I’m thinking you are showing the rebuild going on in Ukraine. If I was 🇷🇺, I’d be ashamed to live in newly built apartments in Mariupol over the dead bodies of Ukrainians. Mariupol is Ukraine.

@tassagency_en Russia are doing that themselves by acting the way they do, and committing genocide in Ukraine. Slaughtering 25,000 civilians in Mariupol alone. Then there’s the tortured in Bucha. Izium, Irpin. Russia behave worse than animals. Have no right to be in Ukraine.

Like this here article by @MaxBlumenthal, which relies on “evidence” from a Kremlin propaganda rag to claim that Russia’s bombing of a Mariupol theater was the work of Ukraine’s Azov regiment.

@crev99 @jaynordlinger Of course, ironically, most of the civilian casualties in destroyed cities like Mariupol have been Russian speakers, if not actual ethnic Russians themselves. Ironically, Putin has turned most sympathetic Russian speakers in Ukraine against him.

@GoncharenkoUa The citizens of liberated Mariupol are free to leave the city and country, if they so wish. Same can’t be said about men in Ukraine 🤷🏻‍♂️ And since liberation the population of Mariupol has increased back to 250K. What’s your smartass explanation for this?

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