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@Maddy2105 @political_pilot @Militarylandnet Russia allowed the Ukraine military to leave Mariupol. Later, the Russians allowed Ukraine to surrender from the steel mill. Finally, they fought until the Russians took over the city. Pretty ugly for both sides.

@Something04296 @CByder Ukraine won't shell Kherson block by block like Russia did to Mariupol. Ukraine will just starve out the Russians and let the hostile population of the city do it's job.

@0empathy0 @MailOnline Well, Ukraine needs to take Mariupol too so they can target the Kerch bridge. Then it will be truly cut off

incidentally at a point in time when Ukraine has the 1st successes w HIMARS previously, Russia was not ready to stick to anything, even the agreements on the humanitarian corridors in Mariupol were regularly broken Kaja Kallas, the Estonian PM, warned at the beginning of the /4

@IAPonomarenko No only that; but all those units will find themselves completely trapped if UA cuts south to Mariupol and blows the Kerch bridge. Entirety of Crimea and southern Ukraine will be a gigantic cauldron with no escape.

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