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There's a downside to how connected the world is today. I just got an e-mail from the woman I know in Poland saying "we don't want to be next" and this link... the post is only a few hours old. #MSNBC #Ukraine #GOP #MAGA

The problem(s) with DeSantis' new line on abandoning Ukraine via @msnbc

So I just heard on msnbc that R deSatan is on Putin's side in the terrorist war on Ukraine. Good to know. He's an evil mofo.

@MSNBC While direct action isn't necessarily a good idea, some pressure on Mexico to clean house is warranted considering the cartels pretty much run the country and does serve our national interest whereas we have little interest in Ukraine.

@DebbieSVA @stevetefft @RepJamesComer @GOPoversight @FoxNews Let me guess .. you watch CNN and MSNBC. Wake up. The Biden's are everything the media told you Trump was. Dirty and corrupt. You don't become a multimillionaire on a senator's salary. And why was Hunter, the drug addict, getting millions from Russia, China & Ukraine?

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