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2 minutes ago! Russian troops hit Nikopol from MLRS, fired 40 shells #Kyiv #Germany #Ukraine #usa #Bachmut

@Chris6339976 I remember watching videos taken by citizens showing the MLRS coming across the border from ruZZia into eastern Ukraine... then return after MH-17 was shot down. There was 1 missile missing in the launcher when it went back into ruZZia in a hurry.

@NOELreports Ukraine needs far more howitzers and MLRS to make this number going up ten fold a day! West wake up! Ukrainians soldiers are giving their life for us, we have to give them all weapons they need to win and wipe out Russians from Ukraine territory and all Europe (even from Belarus)

side of the armed formations of Ukraine in the direction: 19.43 - the settlement of Konstantinovka - the city of Donetsk (Leninsky district): three rockets were fired from the MLRS" HIMARS "," the department said in its telegram channel. According to the mayor of Donetsk,

MLRS combat vehicles arrive at the starting positions and deliver rocket strikes with 220-mm projectiles at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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