M1 Abrams - Ukraine Tweets

Opinion | #Russia and #Ukraine Have Incentives to Negotiate. The U.S. Has Other Plans "The US’s recent promise to ship advanced M1 Abrams battle tanks to Ukraine was a swift response to a serious problem. The problem is that Ukraine is losing the war." https://t.co/DKp8QHrvj0

@wrathofgodbot @War_Takes I mean Challenger 3 won't be "done" until 2030 so it'll be 5 or so years before MGCS. Personally wish we actually flogged our Chally 2s off to Ukraine, grabbed some "free" M1 Abrams and then went shiny & brand new tank.

@cowboyjoe24 @DawsonSField @JordanSchachtel Apparently not...when you advise POTUS to send M2/M3 Bradley's to Ukraine BEFORE you send the M1 Abrams demonstrates he knows nothing about armor and large scale ground combat operations.

@Ukraine who cares about the feelings of #PutinWarCriminal. Use everything we're sending you to attack Russian territory. They can't be the aggressor and then declare out of bounds limits. @KremlinRussia_E relax before we have @Ukraine park a couple M1 Abrams at your doorstep.

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