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According to Russian sources #Bilohorivka west of #Lysychansk that has been a UAF stronghold has fallen under RAF control. What concerns me the most is that UAF is concentrating units in #Zaporizhzhia when RAF is making effective offensives in #Donbass. #Ukraine #Russia

👉#depmtd patriotic flashmob #LuhanshchynaisUkraine is ongoing. Work made by🔥 🦊 created a fresh, youthful Lysychansk logo Lysychansk is Ukraine! 🇺🇦 📌Details [](

Our troops liberated Belogorovka, the enemy fled Fierce battles for the village went on for several months. The information that the Armed Forces of Ukraine left Belogorovka has just been confirmed by the authorities of the nearest Lysychansk

@SirJamesNiner @MapsUkraine They are similar, but this is a Bren. I didn't see a lot of SCARs in Ukraine but for some reason all the foreign mercs, chechens, belarusians fighting for UA have Brens, so a lot of opportunity for trophies. I even saw this camo pattern before in a video from Lysychansk I think.

@jacksonhinklle Even Funnier is the Himars didn’t even start getting used until after Severodonetsk and Lysychansk got captured. When the Western Tanks come in after Bakhmuts capture Ukraine will have multiple directions to launch a counter offensive.

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