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After video emerged of a Chechen fighter castrating and killing a Ukrainian POW in Lysychansk, we now have photos of severed heads and hands of POWs being put on spikes in nearby Popasna. Russian war crimes in #Ukraine are reaching ISIS levels of brutality

@EetuSeppnen1 @Aontaithe2021 @Osinttechnical Yes Kherson counteroffensive was announced on 25 March before Ukraine lost Mariupol, Izym, Popasna, Severodonetsk and Lysychansk. Those 5 cities have population around 800k. Kherson counteroffensive will happen before Bahmut fall trust me bro

@aavinashchaliha @BostonIsupk @KyivIndependent Your grand theory is Russia advancing 11km from Lysychansk in 31 days means Russia can now magically sweep along the coast of all Ukraine. You tweet garbage, think garbage and you just don't care. What a pathetic way to live. Sad, pathetic little man.

Ukrainian forces confirmed to be withdrawing to Kramatorsk. Bakhmut will prove a major victory for Russia. The city is quite large - 75k inhabitants - and breaks Ukraine's defenses. Most important success since Lysychansk.

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