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@Kasparov63 Bravo, Harry 👏👏 How did it happen that the names of the Lviv pogroms of 1941 and the Volyn massacre of 1943 are called streets in Ukraine and consider them heroes.

@DeuNachrichten Yes it's big mistakes for Russian - First they must build Strong new Defence Line - Second Don't fear to make Manuver, cause Ukraine Troops now Stretch More in Wide Area...Think Fast and Efficient...The Finish of this War is Kiev and Lviv...Except NATO found new Reason for WW3

@UnitedResisting @ThunderCat1212 @Mazeiahh @AdamKinzinger @elonmusk How would you like it if the people of Eastern Ukraine had defended THEIR territories? What if Tymoshenko had won, and was then overthrown by radical groups from Donbas. And then Lviv rebelled, so the Donbas controlled Ukraine military surrounded & shelled Lviv for 8 yrs? Yes?

@Harpe85 @elonmusk @ZelenskyyUa And just keep thinking about that bigger picture, to the point that all the trustworthy Putin leaves Ukraine is Lviv?

@Kucloma @elonmusk I think they should. Just like Ukraine should return most of western part to Poland including Lviv

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