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@Rhinehold @EAethelbald @GoldWedge @myhist @BruceCarlsonPod Listen. The Russia will never allow that to happen. They will take ALL of Ukraine before allowing that to happen. This is not a game to them. They consider this as an existential threat and they should. We would not see it any differently if Russia was doing this to us

@KyivIndependent @TsurkanKate Your comment ignores the fact that Navalny opposes the war in Ukraine and people want Russia to be free, just as much as Ukraine - just as people wanted the Germans to be free of Nazi propaganda and Hitler. Watch and LISTEN:

@Butchieboy6 @DaleHog36384664 Listen I need to respect my elders- so let me spell this out for you. Obama overthrew Ukraine in a bloody Coup. Installed the NAZIs (literal NAZI’s) who then waged a bloody war of ethnic cleansing. Talk to people who live there follow @PeImeniPusha & @EvaKBartlett

🇺🇦 Why #Ukraine is able to fight off Russia? 🎧 LISTEN to the most important #NATO commander, admiral Rob Bauer @CMC_NATO. 👉 ✅ with SUBTITLES in 16 languages

So rather than LISTEN to the farmers grievances / concerns, they want to fight them ? 🙂 that’s Ukraine logic

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