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Washington DC's BIGGEST problem among many is-They've forgotten how to fk'n LISTEN. They THINK they already know everything I want Leaders who care about THIS Country+ her PEOPLE. Not some nutjob worried about pronouns+ BILLIONS to Ukraine.

Ukraine was taken over in 2014 by a US backed Nazi regime. The Ukrainian Gov is killing the people, who have been suffering too long. Stop feeding their abusers, by virtue signaling and giving funds to the regime, just because TV told you so! WAKE UP, LISTEN👇

@TST__Radio on #GroundZero #radio at 10pm PT after @ClydeLewis - LISTEN There are certainly #nazis in #Ukraine, but according to the MSM they aren't real since Zelenskyy is Jewish. #Ukraine #Ukraina #Zelenski #NaziUkraine #AzovBattalion

@laurenboebert LISTEN lauren boebert this has got nothing to do with biden ok the gas prices increase are happening everywhere around the world and in the UK not just in America ok its to do with the war on Russia and Ukraine

@laurenboebert LISTEN lauren boebert the gas, price increase is not just in America its everywhere around the world ok. Its got nothing to do with biden ok this is all because of the war with Russia on Ukraine ok lauren boebert should follow, the real news and she will know

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