LindseyGraham - Ukraine Tweets

@GenFlynn @elonmusk And no word from @LindseyGraham who I’m sure will “get to the bottom of this”. His latest tweets still seem to be fixated on Ukraine and their faux defense of “democracy”.

@Adrian_T86 @mustavalo @mfa_russia @RusEmbUSA @natomission_ru @RF_OSCE @AmbRusFrance @RusBotschaft @rusembitaly @rusemb_pl @rusembassynl @RussiaUN @RusMission_EU Not only Nuland ..was #LindseyGraham..#EuropeanParliament ..and others .Joe Biden ..he's Son Hunter..we have at least 300 persons involved in front line.Ucraine sales their external debts in 2018 .Ukraine has a foreign owner..that's why not Peace treet. But..this part is forgot😁

@LindseyGraham not 1 tank .not 1 more dime for Zelensky. you can't tell me Zelensky isn't corrupt. nobody here supports getting involved with Ukraine. all we're doing is prolonging death & destruction in Ukraine & so is Zelensky. it's unwinnable. Trump will end it...thank God!

#LindseyGraham is a Neo Con. Now saying send Ukraine anything they want. Exactly what is wrong with politics. I wonder what his kickback from the war is.

@RealBasedMAGA Not good. In my view, #LindseyGraham is a war criminal. Motivated by the MIC in his area. But I think Trump is the only leader with the guts to end the war in Ukraine. He won't have the guts to call the war for what it is, an evil US war ag. Russia, but he will end it.

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