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@visegrad24 Suspect MiG-29 in Ukraine would be best known because of existing supply chain, repair parts, pilot training and crew training considerations which are complete ly outside of political considerations. Same comment on Leopard tanks.

Germany has not adequately replenished stocks despite the Ukraine War, and the donations of howitzers, MLRS and Leopard tanks have emphasised major gaps in the German military An example of the supply pressures the EU is facing as Ukraine's counter-offensive nears

@amduffany In Scandinavia, we also did some ancient rituals for Ukraine, but as modern vikings they involve Leopard tanks, Archer artillery systems and NASAMS air defense. The result? Ukrainians singing our ancient viking poems: https://t.co/OpZyhg6j2x

⚡️ Zelensky: Ukraine to spend (https://t.co/wTUsRw4Uzb)additional $13.5 billion on defense. ⚡️ Reuters: Ukrainian soldiers complete (https://t.co/Q8xZSPOmN1) Leopard tank training in Spain. /11

Ukraine troops wrap up Leopard tank training in Spain (https://t.co/oBVHMAQYRK) Ukraine's Western backers warn that Kyiv is facing a critical shortage of 155-millimetre how... Add your highlights: https://t.co/EAg5fZzdkD #Europe #news #euro...

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