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@original_ianr @SilvinaFlorida @disclosetv It’s being forced on them by the CIA and the Color Revolution. It’s very easy for color revolutionaries - the same ones who overthrew Lebanon, Ukraine, Georgia, and Yugoslavia - to influence the public when they have the access.

@mishazelinsky Love You @mishazelinsky as I do @AmbVasyl … Two champs keeping us informed. To see Ukraine fighting & surviving the calamity that destroyed my parents nation of Lebanon for 30 yrs is awesome. @RichardMarlesMP ARM UKR. @JEChalmers in the budget Sanction RF with tariffs

@amasad @paulg If Syria had fought back like Lebanon, Ukraine or Gaza, Golan Heights 'd be hers. It need not win, just cause some headache for a democratic process to start in Israel to cause a retreat.

A good example of misrepresentation and propaganda via social networks by "influencers", the truth is more simple - Russia is not gonna be a second Palestine, or Iraq, or Syria or Yamen or Lebanon or Yugoslavia. Ukraine = Israel = NATO = Occupation tools #fact

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