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“The national decision by Warsaw not to issue a visa to Mr. Lavrov does not come as a big surprise, given the fact that Poland has been disproportionately affected by the Russian war against Ukraine” Read @StLiechtenstein's analysis of Poland's decision:

@StateDept Don't you feel ashamed that you paved the way for Putin to behave lawlessly? How long will you keep denying human rights to Palestinians? Don't you feel ashamed when Lavrov said he wants to make Ukraine like Russia's Palestine?

@irgarner Lavrov is showing his anti-Semitism here by blaming Ukraine’s Jewish President (or, as he puts it, “neo-Nazi government in Kiev”) for “undermining genetic code” of Ukrainians.

Lavrov: If you cannot tolerate neo-Nazism you need to wage your war in ruzzia. Genocide in Ukraine won't kill off the neo-nazis. They are alive and kicking in their millions in ruzzia. People like YOU! Ukraine has no relationship to ruzzia. You use that as an excuse for murder.

After insinuating that Ukraine and Ukrainians are innately Nazis, Lavrov complains that they are also genetically identical to Russians. Russia is only fighting the Nazis (all Ukrainians), but it is not fighting Ukrainians.

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