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@AR43245328 @DrP_MD @Rafal_Cala It wasn’t that long ago that Poland was also a mess. Thing is, if Putin takes Ukraine, he won’t stop there. Poland, Latvia, Estonia etc. would be next.

@davidchscott @Jacob_Rees_Mogg I sometimes wonder whether the haunted pencil believes what he writes, because it's drivel. Here's the percentage of GDP given to assist Ukraine. Estonia and Latvia lead, with Poland and Lithuania of the rest of the EU not far behind. The UK are sixth.

@frankywilly90 @Innypuddle @Hellohowru12345 @ZelenskyyUa @RishiSunak @Paris2024 Porosenko (Ukraine),Barack Obama (USA) NATO AGREEMENTS❗❗👌👀🧠and of course the West: Germany, Poland Latvia, Estonia, Latvia Lithuania, France political leaders, now the bigger war, Zelenskiy's childishness ❗❗❗👀

@LVasylovych @WarMonitors Ukraine isnt restored as sovereign and independent nation in borders of 1994 - it proves one thing- nuclear non proliferation is utterly worthles and we all need nukes to maintain our absolute sovereignty. Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czechia, Romania, we will build them.

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