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The police came by just before #HurricaIan struck and said that if I didn't evacuate they may not be able to reach me. I thought, I'm finally in a place where the police can't reach me. #Russia #Ukraine #Japan #Canada #Spain #France #Latvia

Polling stations opened in Latvia for a general election influenced by neighboring Russia’s attack on Ukraine, disintegration among the ethnic-Russian minority and the economy, particularly high energy prices.

Via @euronews: Latvia holds general election amid Ukraine war and record-high inflation

Ukraine, keep in mind that Joe and Hunter Biden have assets located next to Eastern Europe's second longest tunnel system.... Odessa (Ukraine) -> Belarus -> Lithuania -> Latvia -> Estonia -> Finland -> Sweden

In #Latvia segregation of residents on the basis of citizenship has been legalized Parliament adopted a law prohibiting #Russians from having weapons in this country Only citizens of Latvia, #NATO countries, #Australia, #NewZealand and #Ukraine can obtain weapons permits.

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