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@trustyrock @MikeV_is_free @Tobinitus @WarMonitor3 Going by how Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and even Ukraine behaved Id say fcking all of em LOL. You just never look into those since you need Russia to be the bad guy, not everyone else. Im getting bored really, Im gonna have to find a new court jester.

@raguileramx @noclador A large number of countries aren't bordering Russians or other mordor-like states. They are fine. Take a look at the countries that haven't banned cluster munitions: Ukraine, Finland, Latvia, Georgia, Israel, South Korea.

@david_ssekitto @ricwe123 War ? I thought it was a special operation ? Little Ukraine has defeated the Russian army, without Poland, Germany, Sweden, UK, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, USA even sending any men to the front

@IkidSanz1 @PourBoysocial @AlbertD46309572 @OlenaHalushka @cdegwenzi Dude, stop spewing shit. Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Norway are all USA friends and active NATO members who share land border with Russia. Has any of them threatened to invade Russia? No! Has Ukraine ever threatened to invade Russia? I don't think so!

24 hours later: "The Trump White House is proud to announce Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland will all be annexed by Russia."

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