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Alcohol is prohibited at the frontlines, so a #beer factory he visited in Ukraine turned to making Molotov cocktails with caricature stickers of Putin. While many medical workers began living and sleeping in Kyiv hospitals since the invasion. Most civilians live in bomb shelters.

Mila Teshaieva, a Berlin-based artist, visited her homeland Kyiv shortly after Russia's war on Ukraine began in February this year. Her journal, which was initially released on @dekoder_org, comprises personal recordings in words and photos of the early months of the conflict.

Despite #Russia’s numerous shelling attacks on the ancient city of #Kyiv, where hundreds of crucial art and culture objects are located, the capital’s treasures stay safe under the watchful eyes of museum and gallery employees: #UkraineInFlames

@Reuters Why this constant qualification Reuters of, “Ukraine says,” or “Kyiv says?” The Russians are trying to freeze the Ukrainians, if not to death, into submission. Period.

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