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@TilmanWinkler @elonmusk @Kristennetten @TimRunsHisMouth U serious? Have you been sleeping while the democrats constantly lie,cheat,steal and literally cross every moral and respectable boundary possible? Haven't you noticed the criminals in the WH? The racist democrats in power? The con job known as Ukraine? Come on Tilman wake up

@elonmusk @Kristennetten @debarghya_das @ayushkhd @Tesla Are there reliable situation reporters in Ukraine on Twitter with hour by hour tweets and posts. Hard to find.

@salsalvador4 @Tesla49ers420 @elonmusk @Kristennetten @gunsnrosesgirl3 @DolphinDroneDom It's already happening in Ukraine 🇺🇦 and USA 🇺🇸 check it out, click on it Thank me later

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