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We ask all responsible democratic nations to fulfill their duties and to increase their weapon and ammunition deliveries that #Ukraine is able to achieve the 4 goals proposed by #Selenskyj (fixed?) in G7 meeting end of last year. People must be freed at #Krim and in #Donbas!

@Azovsouth Autonomous regions and Krim will not go back to Ukraine, that is for sure. That goal cannot be reached, is not realistic. So why not start serious negotiation to prevent further damage, pain, suffering and death.

Democrats were not amused at all. From 2014 on Joe Biden supported Ukraine after the Krim occupation. War continued at the Russian-Ukraine border. The USA offered military help in Dollars and weaponry. Regularly money was sent to help. In the House, the Democrats approved a

@DonaldJTrumpJr Trump. Ha Ha Ha Peace talks ? What’s the idea to talk to Putin ? Only solution. Russia out of Ukraine. And remember out of Krim as well. And Russia has to pay building up Ukraine again. End of story. @KremlinRussia_E

@flerfaaan @samstreetwrites Why is Ukraine against Krim and the east of Ukraine joining Russia? Is it because they dream to attack them one day?

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